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An ethnic group is made up of an aggregate of people who claim direct ancestry from a common ancestor or ancestress, real or putative. They are people who have one history of origin and therefore, have a common language, destiny and aspiration. Specifically, ethnicity is subject to other definitions. A generally acceptable sociological definition of ethnicity identifies the phenomena as a strong in – group ...

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By: Rev. Aaron Agbeshie Agorsor “As for me, I am full of joy in the Lord, now that at last your consideration for me has blossomed again; though I recognize that you really did have consideration before, but had no opportunity to show it. I do not say this because I have lacked anything: I have learnt to manage with whatever I have.” (Philippians 4:10-11) The above words of Paul bring to sharp focus the att ...

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Today, more than ever, the challenges of the health care worker seem to be attracting the notice of everyone and society as a whole. The health care worker has always been a focal point in society; but today the demands on them as well as the development of modern technology have put them seriously in the lime-light. The proverbial admiration that was part and parcel of the health care worker seems to be va ...

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120 Years of Catholic Mission in Accra! Our Year of Faith!  Our Year of Grace!  Hurray! 1.  Greeting: Arise Catholic Faithful!  Rejoice and Renew! My dearly beloved in Christ Jesus, today is Sunday, October 28, 2012 and by the sheer grace of God, I have just had singular chance of concelebrating the Closing Holy Mass of the 13th Ordinary Synod of Bishops of the Universal Catholic Church presided by His Holi ...

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Ghana Catholic Bishops Issues 2012 Plenary Communique

COMMUNIQUE ISSUED BY THE GHANA CATHOLIC BISHOPS’ CONFERENCE AT THE END OF THEIR ANNUAL PLENARY ASSEMBLY HELD AT KOFORIDUA IN THE EASTERN REGION OF GHANA FROM NOVEMBER 2 – 9, 2012 Preamble May the Peace of Christ be with you! We, the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, have held our Plenary Assembly in Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana from November 2 – 9, 2012 under the theme “The Church, Family of G ...

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Priests appointment in the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra

  The Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, Most Rev. Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle has made a number of appointments and reshufle of priests in his Archdiocese. This was done to enhance the pastoral life of the Church in his Archdiocese. The appointment took effect on the 1st of November but handing over should be completed on the 15th of November. He prayed for God"s blessings and help on all his priests ...

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RIP – Bishop Oliver Bowers‏

FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENT Peace! Emeritus Bishop Joseph Oliver Bowers, SVD, passed on to eternity today, Tuesday 6 November 2012. He was 102 years old. He was born on 28 March 1910.   FUNERAL CELEBRATION OF MOST REV JOSEPH OLIVER BOWERS Peace! Kindly take note of the funeral arrangements for our late Bishop Bowers. Thursday 8 November 2012 at 7.00pm – Vigil Mass (Office of the Dead will be prayed). It is re ...

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By Very Rev. Fr. John Kobina Louis In today’s  gospel reading (John 15: 1-8), Jesus uses the image of the vine and its branches to teach us that apart from him we can do nothing, while if we are connected to him we receive many blessings and graces. Since we have no vineyards in Ghana, I think we may be more familiar with the relationship between our phone and the network we use than the relationship betwee ...

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